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“ To Have and to Hold Records “

Our new Record shop 6 Church Street GL205PA is situated in a Grade II Listed Building just by the main Centre Cross.

The building is beautiful on the outside as is the rest of Tewkesbury with the impressive Tewkesbury Abbey, lovely other shops, Pubs, Restaurants and close by walks to the River Severn and the River Avon.

Come and see us with spending some time enjoying the rest of Tewkesbury, you won’t be disappointed.

Parking is easy with three large car parks and a few smaller ones all close to the town.

We are open Wednesday 5pm to 8pm

Saturday 10:20 to 5 and Sunday 10:30 to 4.

See you sometime for a warm welcome and some fabulous Vinyl...and more.


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1 commentaire

Fantastic shop. Great ambience, perfect selection. Will be back real soon Mel!!

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