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The Depecheuk “ 101 “ 30th Anniversary Event @ The Roses Tewkesbury

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

March 2nd 2019 marked 30 years to the day from the last time I saw “ 101 “ on the big screen in Birmingham.

On March 2nd 1989 i attended with my sister the Cannon Futurist Theatre Birmingham to watch Depeche Mode “ 101 “

My dream was to mark the anniversary to the Day with “ 101 “ Screening at my local Cinema “ The Roses Theatre “ in the beautiful town of Tewkesbury.

The afternoon started with a one hour 101 intro Midi mix by Jules Redux thoughout the venue and relaxing catch up with friends and family.

The Event was attended by 170 + people filled with excitement and anticipation.

The guests signed as they arrived and met by Meldepeche and his event team.

Depecheuk Merchandise 101 limited edition shirts, Depecheuk Logo Shirt, Mugs, posters, Pens and more was on sale thoughout the event.

( some Limited Shirts still available on our website store be quick )

The Roses Theatre Showcased the Film wonderfully with excellent support throughout the event and we look forward to working together in the near future.

The first Depecheuk and To have and to Hold Records event was a fabulous success and a awesome start to our event productions.

We hope that you will join us for our next event in September 2019.

( Please sign up for latest information )

Thank you to everyone that supported the event.

See you next time....


@ Depecheuk and To Have and To Hold Records

Event Reviews From the day

“ You could say that meeting Melvin in the crazy queue outside the Walbühne, Berlin to travelling to Tewkesbury for his 101 event would make a worthy documentary in itself - safe to say we had a fabulous time. Only ever having seen 101 - on a worn out 30 year old VHS, it was a brilliant experience to see it on a big screen. The Roses Theatre was an ideal venue, it was great to arrive and feel you were part of an event. Loads of DepecheUK merchandise and a great set of remixes to get us in the mood before the screening. Thanks Melvin for the welcome, see you next time!

Xx “

Clare and Paul from Carlisle

“ Attending the DepecheUK 101 Event was an amazing privilege for me, my girlfriend and my son.

None of us ever had the opportunity to see the film in the cinema 30 years ago, but this was definitely an experience worth waiting for.

The advance mailings and ticket info was extremely professional, which then matched the greeting on the day by Mel and his family. The merchandise was well thought out and professionally created.

The venue was an outstanding location, convenient parking and reasonably priced refreshments with friendly staff.

The screen and sound was exceptional and we can't wait for the next event.

The whole event from start to finish was well thought out and planned and was executed to a high standard.

Here's looking forward to the next event.

Thanks to Mel, family and all connected to DepecheUK for such an amazing time.

All the best and thank you from Jules, Rita and Harry. “

Jules Redux From Birmingham

“ At the age of 16 I saw Depeche Mode 101 in Birmingham I never thought 30 years later I would see it again on the big screen. What a fantastic day thank you for making it happen. xx “

Gail Smith From Tewkesbury

“ If I was to use a footballing term to describe Depecheuk's 30th Anniversary Screening of Depeche Mode 101 on Saturday 2nd March 2019 it would be "they played a blinder".

Having NEVER seen this masterpiece on the large screen before (only on VHS/DVD) it was an absolute pleasure to visit Roses Theatre in beautiful Tewkesbury (loved the venue) on a Saturday afternoon to buy merchandise (in hindsight nowhere near enough bought by me), and after a catch up watch Depeche Mode 101 with other devotees.

Congratulations to all at Depecheuk for the passion, and hard work it took to organise this fabulous event 😎 “

Andrea Eva Mathews From Birmingham

“ Attended the 101 film showing at the Tewkesbury Roses theatre with another 100 or so devotees. It was great to see it first time on a full screen with an excellent sound system which got everyone singing to the top tunes. I can't believe it is 30 years ago when it was first released.The film still holds its own in current times and took everyone on a nostalgic journey back to 1989. My favourite part of the film is the opening of the show with Behind the Wheel when Dave looks across to Martin and just smiles with Martin returning the same. Thanks to Mel for organising a fantastic afternoon. Look forward to the next one! “

Andrew Sherbourne From Tewkesbury

"I was priviliged to be invited to the 30th anniversary showing of Depeche Mode's film 101 at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury. It was brilliant to see 101 on a big screen. The event was very well run, with lots of memorabilia. Sat with some of my Mode freinds knowing the words off by heart. ”

Andy Smith From Birmingham

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