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Only the start...

It’s time to look at the year gone by and look to the bright future at “ To Have and to Hold Records “

2019 saw the increased development of the web space store, business set up and our first public event based in Tewkesbury.

Depeche Mode’s “ 101 “ at the Roses Theatre with themed event in the evening at The Watson Hall.

“ To Have and to Hold Records “ was born in April 1st 2019 starting online.

Our first event was a huge success and paved the way for our second event in September 2019 “ 90’s Alternative Disco “

The Event was staged as normal at the Watson Hall but sadly had no event in the afternoon due to Friction Records forbidding the showing of planned Film “ The Cure in Orange “

The event was again successful with increased numbers building developing our brand and promoting our business.

So onto new year 2020.....

We have two events planned one in March and another in September.

March 7th 2020 “ Violation 80’s 90’s Disco “

( Tickets on Sale )

September 12th “ Under Development “

( Event Info and Tickets March 2020 )

We have and always planned to develop the Business into a Record Store in Tewkesbury and we hope to share more news on this front in early 2020.

Thank you all for supporting us this year in our Online Store and themed Events.

For these to succeed in Tewkesbury we need your support in every way, early ticket sales, buying online, sharing to friends and family.

See you all in 2020 and have a Happy New Year.


To Have and to Hold Records

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