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"Catch Phrase"

Don’t waste your time like some country bumpkin-

cutting and slicing a face into an overpriced pumpkin.

Don’t give in to such a capitalist witchcraft trick!

Treat yourself instead to a much missed guitar lick

and enjoy a sedate and leisurely record trawl,

looking through Mel’s vinyl canon just having a ball:



that song by the Fall?

For a few pounds he can add to your memories

and even enhance those oh, so absent-minded reveries...

oh...oh...7 inch vinyl, as we know, can help create a bond:

“Hanging on the Telephone” - by a certain bottle blonde?

And also remind you of one, who entertained in the daftest of ways,

in those far off but far from forgotten days...

Poetic Opus

The Swilgate Scuttler


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