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Exotic Creatures of the Deep is the 21st studio album by Sparks and was originally released on 19th May 2008.

The album has been newly remastered for this LP reissue, which will be released on 180g heavyweight vinyl.

2LP 180 Gram Remastered Vinyl - Tracklist:

A1. Intro
A2. Good Morning
A3. Strange Animal
B1) I Can't Believe That You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song
B2. Let the Monkey Drive
B3. Intro Reprise
B4. I've Never Been High

C1. (She Got Me) Pregnant
C2. Lighten Up, Morrissey
C3. This Is the Renaissance
D1. The Director Never Yelled 'Cut'
D2. Photoshop
D3. Likeable

Sparks Exotic Creatures of the Deep

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