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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary music - James is releasing their 15th studio album with 'Living In Extraordinary Times' since its founding in 1981. Manchester's English alternative rock band looks back on an unparalleled career hit albums like Goldmother, Laid or Millionaires have probably had generations of indie kids embossed. 'Living In Extraordinary Times' delivers the same vigor and urgency as the EP 'Better Than That', published in May — an explosive mix of socio-critical confrontations and personal reflections and experiences. The current political climate in the USA is a thematic focus, but the constant balancing act between career and time for the family also runs like a common thread through the album's tracks. Other highlights include the signature keyboard sounds by Brian Eno, a longtime companion of James, who gives some songs his personal touch. The artwork is by none other than Magnus Gjoen, acclaimed contemporary artist and former designer for Vivienne Westwood.

James Living in Extraordinary Times

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