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Kevin May was a journalist for nearly 30 years before switching to academic studies in the area of mental health in 2022. He edited a number of publications during his journalism career, including titles covering the travel and media industries. Kevin has co-hosted five podcasts and moderated at dozens of events in the US, China, India, Australia, Singapore and across Europe. Coincidentally, an early job in journalism was as a reporter in Essex, covering Depeche Mode's hometown of Basildon. He first saw the band in 1990 on the 'World Violation Tour'.

David McElroy became a Depeche Mode fan when growing up in Castle Douglas in South West Scotland. He first heard 'Enjoy The Silence' in his parents' car on a day when he was too lazy to walk to school and from that point he was hooked. David now lives in Glasgow with his increasingly out-of-control Depeche Mode collection and runs the Depeche Mode blog Almost Predictable Almost. His first Depeche Mode gig was the band's 1993 show at Crystal Palace and, in April 2017, David ran the band's Facebook page for a day as part of their Fan Takeover campaign.

Halo Depeche Mode

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