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Tewkesbury Christmas Gingerbread Trail

Bringing in the Christmas Season in Tewkesbury...Gingerbread Men ( and maybe Ladies ) trail, Lots of Great shops, Amazing lights display and Christmas Trees...Come and see us this Christmas.

🎄 🎅🏻 “ Naughty gingerbread men have gone on the run through town,

Can you help us find them and track their whereabout’s down,

They come in all different sizes and really have run a mock

Are you hiding one? Have you checked in your pockets or maybe in your sock 🧦 ?

They simply could be anywhere we haven’t got a clue 🤷‍♀️

But if you spot one write it down maybe get an adult to help you,

I hope where ever they’ve gone they’re using the antibac

Because Santa will be watching them, what if they’re in his sack🤦🏻‍♀️

Now we think there is 28 running all round the town

So please we ask you help us track each and everyone one down

From the 4th December you’ll be able to spot 28 gingerbread men in windows around town, the first 10 completed entries will get a small prize ( to be collected from the nott) it doesn’t mean there’s a gingerbread man there (or there maybe 🤔 )

We will run this till the 23rd so grab a pen and paper and little person , don’t forget there’s lots of streets in tewkesbury!

Happy Christmas and happy hunting from the tewkesbury town traders “ xx

Rachel Louise Landlady @ The Nottingham Arms


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