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“ Sunday Mourning...”

Yet another Sunday morning

and the cruel reality is slowly dawning

but now is not the time to lazily sleepover,

in an attempt to avoid your inglorious hangover.

Time to forget about your messy Saturday night,

that you spent, drunkenly, talking absolute...

It is not worth idly mourning,

but please do heed the warning...

A tawdry box of Shiraz only offers a night’s damnation,


a priceless box of vinyl promises a lifeline of salvation.

Please don’t crucify yourself for memory loss,

get along to the iconic Tewkesbury Cross.

Looking for forgiveness you must search,

YES, you really do need to attend Church

Street, for a repentant fix, at hallowed No six,

for a soulful anthemic remastered remix,

or a soulless pop ditty by Little Mix...

ok let’s be honest, buying records will not bring you closer to God

but you can always relent and just go for the - hair of the dog!

Poetic Opus

The Swilgate Scuttler

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