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Record Store Day

We absolutely love Record Store Day and why wouldn’t you !

As you’re aware we don’t do at the moment but lovely to see and hear everyone’s stories of the day yesterday.

Lots of interesting releases, awesome events, live in-house music, meeting new people, hearing music, talking vinyl, and lots more.

Choose your favourite for getting your wish list and explore the rest.

Mine is @badlandsrecordstore ( Phil and team ) in Cheltenham as I have been using them since the early 80’s !!

Doesn’t have to be big list

Saw lots of younger people queuing before me ( and I arrived at 5:30 am ) leave with a 7 inch single !

absolutely buzzing.

Hope you all got your wish list and had an incredible day.

Independent Resord Stores are the hub of the vinyl Music community and long may it continue

We are open today and would love to hear all your RSD stories

See you for chat and browse from 10:30 to 4pm.

Thanks everyone for a fantastic day












And lots more I can’t tag but I love visiting

Mel THATHRecords Tewkesbury

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Why wouldn’t I? How long have you got..??

Love the premise of getting people back into shops, community, culture etc., but now it’s just the fetishisation of vinyl as an object and the exploitation of the fans - £40 for what is essentially two Sisters 12” singles on one album …

Replying to

Sounds great through 🤩👍

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