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Depeche Mode Brian Griffin

I was contacted a while back last year by Frank Chamberlain because of me being a massive fan of a certain band and the shop, he’s from Frank Chamberlain - Writer

He wanted some help in selling some signed Depeche Mode pictures taken and gifted by Brian Griffin to raise much needed money for Brierley Hill Babybank.

Frank also runs a show “ Look Up Brierley Hill' on Black Country Radio Xtra and supports the work that the baby bank does locally.

The pictures donated are detailed below

The first picture is Round Oak Steel Works for cover of Some Great Reward by Depeche Mode.

The second photograph is of Brian at Round Oak during the shooting of the "Some Great Reward" album cover.

He is second from the left. Jaqui Frye who styled Depeche Mode's "Construction Time Again" and "A Broken Frame" as well as this cover is to his left."

Both where hand signed by Brian.

Brian is originally from Lye and worked at Round Oak Brierley Hill to make enough money to set up as photographer in London.

We are very happy to report they have been sold and funds where transferred yesterday.



Info Brian Griffin

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