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90’s Alternative Event 28th September 2019

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

On the 28th September 2019 we hosted our second event in Tewkesbury at The Watson Hall.

The evening was a huge success with increased numbers and fabulous feedback.

The Hall was flowing with happy dancing people, lovely new faces, friends,and family.

The 90’s tag became 80’s,90’ as we got nearer the night mainly to broaden the selection area for me.

The new request forms on the tables allowed song selection based on the Alternative 90’s (80’s lol ) theme !!

This proved popular and will be at our next events.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our 2020 event please sign up and follow for advanced information.

Early Bird tickets available but only if your early !!!

See below pictures and reviews of the evening.

Thank you for supporting our events..


To Have and to Hold Records

Review of Alt-90’s.....

So, the long awaited night had arrived, much trepidation from the old gang, mainly being, will Meldepeche be able to fill the unforgiving famous Watson Hall, and secondly, what Japan numbers can he possibly play from the 90’s??? Anyway, we arrived with our barcodes in hand for Melvin’s digital revolution, opening the hall doors to the wonderful noise of ‘Hong Kong Garden’ - this was not going to be a 90’s night!! I think it was 60-80 tickets sold (a great effort), and walking into the hall it seemed not just the same old faces on the dance floor (they were in the bar)!!

The standard of tunage had been set when we walked into The Banshees, and it didn’t disappoint from there! 70’s 80’s and 90’s punk/alternative/indie classics belting out, and a packed danced floor to boot. 

A superb atmosphere around the place made for a great night, and even this old bugger couldn’t resist a bit of ‘Wish Away’ & ‘Beaver Patrol’ to finish off the night with a boogie!

Well done to Meldepche for pulling it off, and I here another night is in the offing for 2020...can’t wait!! hashtag violation 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤

Andy Holtham Tewkesbury 

Yet again another BRILLIANT night! We danced, we sang, we chatted, we reminisced, we laughed, we hugged! Just THE BEST event to go to in Tewkesbury. I loved every moment! See you next time! 🎼💃🕺🤩😍xxx

Linda O’Regan Gloucester

Alt 90's was brilliant, a top night. Loads of favourite tunes, some I'd not listened to a for ages and with vids to, all the alternative stuff I love. It really was a great night, I didn't stop dancing, be great if this could be a regular thing 🤘🤘 

Thanks Melv for organising 🤙 xx

Bev Tewkesbury

It was utterly brilliant- please, please, please do it again!!!!

Lisa Smith Tewkesbury 

Loved the Alt 90’s night. Very well set up.

Most enjoyable night.

Dezzy Bean Tewkesbury

Brilliant night!!

Definitely count us in next time too. 

Such a great idea. Xx

Jules O’Neill 

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