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Top 10 2022

It’s that time of the year !

Welcome to the 2022 top selling vinyl in our record shop

We have picked the top selling release by each artist sold in the shop but other releases by the same artists have sold as well but slightly lesser numbers.

A very strong year for old favourites / shop favourites but some great new Releases / Re-releases pushed into top 10 based on unit sales.Drum Roll…

1 -  Harry Styles Harry’s House 

2 - Taylor Swift Lover 

3 - Pink Floyd The Wall

4 - Stone Roses Remixes 

5 - Depeche Mode !01

6 - Arctic Monkeys AM

7 -  Muse Will of the People 

8 -  Queen Greatest Hits 

9 -  Ed Sheeran =

10 - Fleetwood Mac Rumours 

Thank you for your support again in 2022 and looking forward to a fun filled music filled 2023

Stay safe and well.


 The Top selling official uk chart for 2022 can be found below 

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